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Avengers Fic Recs!
Written @ 5:05 PM
Because the movie ruined me. Correction: Tom Hiddleston ruined me. Therefor, most of these will probably be Loki centric. ;)

The Hangman's Hands - by Mercurie
Lovely, and the first fic I read in this fandom. The plotline is very good. It's Thor/Jane/Loki, but not a threesome; Jane is involved with Thor at the beginning and slowly becomes entangled with Loki. I found out, after reading through many OTHER fics, that I prefer Loki as ambiguous--not too good, not too evil, but leaning towards naughtiness.

we were emergencies - by gyzym
Natasha/Clint, which I never thought I'd like because I usually don't like canon pairings. But very well written, and your heart just breaks for Clint.

The Lokistone - by Alydia Rackham
Totally didn't expect to fall for this Loki/Jane fic, but I did, and HARD. The plot is airtight and inspiring, and Loki is such a broken and cold man. Or god, or whatever. Very romantic without being sappy, and really fleshes out Jane as a character. This author also wrote "Fallen Star", which is very popular among the Loki/Jane crowd, but I prefer Lokistone's Loki.

Some Shadowed Corner - by Memlu
Smut, but very hot smut. Loki/Sif.

Loki is Sorry Cakes - by anno_Hreog
Okay, so for some reason I haven't yet been sucked into the Loki/Thor vortex that so many others have fallen prey to. And I actually like slash, and don't mind incest in fic. I dunno. ANYWAY, regardless, there isn't a whole hell of a lot of slash in this, just a bit at the end, and the rest of the story is very cute. OOC, of course, but just hilarious.

Yggdrasill Dreaming - by Memlu
I already recced one fic by this author, but in my opinion, this is her best work. And the best work in the fandom. And it vies with my OTHER favorites in other fandoms. Just...gah. There are no words. Usually I get very turned off by "epic language" used in any kind of story I'm reading; it seems pretentious or something. But literally EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER in this fic has a distinct personality and the "epic language" fits in with the overall theme. Lovely, lovely story about Loki and Sif.

Simple, Not Easy - by LJC
Nice story for what it is. I kind of really wish that Loki and Darcy would hook up, instead of Darcy and Clint just because the Loki is this is kind of awesome. Still, a good friendship fic.

Rogers' Neighborhood - by Mikey
Fun premise: Mr. Rogers of the children's show is related to Steve.

the hip and the dead - by hollimichelle
Steve moves to a Hipster neighborhood. Hilarity ensues.

Agent Loki: International Man of Mayhem - by Alis Dee
Because this would not be a complete rec list without this fic. Loki's voice is amazing. It's in 2nd person, but written so well you stop noticing pretty quickly. I don't like the later, Loki/Sigyn bits, but other than that this is the quintessential Loki fic.

64 colors - by victoria_p
Friendship fic, centering around Darcy.

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